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Hoggy-Warty Hogwarts(y)

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swish and flick

New Characters [04 Sep 2007|08:02pm]

Sixth Years
Ornus Langtry
returntoash AIM: toon maha vailo

swish and flick

New Characters [02 Sep 2007|03:53pm]

Third Years
Charlotte Inglefield
naughtylotte AIM: tonks x tonks

Sixth Years
Alexandra Parker
luxparker AIM: FruCkJ

New Characters, welcome! We're expecting some more in the next few days. Now that you've been announced proper, feel free to join in to the first community scene!

33 spells cast ~ swish and flick

COMMUNITY SCENE [All Characters] September 1st, 10:50 A.M. - PLATFORM 9 3/4s [02 Sep 2007|04:05am]

Date and Time: Sunday, September 1st; 10:50 A.M.
Location: Platform 9 3/4s, King's Cross Station
Characters: Open to all! New characters may come in once they are approved and announced.

An ominous ten-minute warning whistle screamed through the twice-yearly chaos of Platform 9 3/4s. There was a collective increase in the volume; imminent departure made parents' voices go higher in anxiety and students' in frustration or fear, depending on the grade and house. Some hassled Hufflepuffs shoved their luggage up into the train; a boy lay on his stomach near-off the platform trying to drag a salamander back to his pocket, and while a first-grade girl looking pale tried to recover out of tumbling out of the wall, her older brother slapped her lightly on the shoulder and said confidently not to worry, Harry Potter had done it loads of times.

The inexperienced coughed and squinted through the steam and owls screeched out loud declarations of their discomfort, and amidst all of the chaos excitement ran high and palpable in the air: it was time to go back to Hogwarts.

4 spells cast ~ swish and flick

Community Chat [01 Sep 2007|06:18pm]

We would like to have a community chat so that the characters currently in the community can get to know each other! Please comment with your available hours this weekend so we can make sure to be on at the same time!

swish and flick

New Characters [01 Sep 2007|04:11pm]

Fourth Years

Alysia Ackerly [AIM: kasumikaoru], Cassandra Bixby [AIM: tonks x tonks]

Fifth Years

Fareeda Bhatia [AIM: kasumikaoru], Mischa Jòhannsson (Prefect) [AIM: tonks x tonks], Miranda Mirkwood (Prefect) [AIM: daleks are sexy]

Sixth Years

Riley Samuel Edgerson [AIM: kasumikaoru]

Seventh Years

Rylee Bagot (Head Girl) [AIM: tonks x tonks]


Luna Lovegood [AIM: kasumikaoru]

Mod-controlled NPCS

Hestia Jones (Transfguration Instructor); Kingsley Shacklebolt (Minister of Magic); Schmendrick Smethwyk (DADA Instructor)

We are expecting more characters within the next few days! Everyone welcome!

swish and flick

WELCOME TO HOGWARTSY [01 Sep 2007|04:05pm]

Hogwartsy is now officially open! Don't miss the train!

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